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Y'all know business cards quickly get trashed . . . but these babies are KEEPERS! Get noticed *and* remembered, with a lil' somethin folks are sure to use.


Each book features original art by Suz * customized with your name, initials, website, phone number, or pretty much anything you wanna say. You can even suggest edits!


Pull the ultimate classy move, when you're out cat-doggin' around, or tuck one in with your merch. Even better: they're plastic-free, and made from recycled paperboard, in the USA. >>> Funds from every purchase help NYC street cats! MEoW! <<<

* Note: each book says "design by @suzettesundae" which can be removed for an additional fee. Print is black, match books are white - no substitutions as of now. 

#3 ~ Flashbooks ~ 96 Custom Matchbooks ~ Flash Sheet #3

$69.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
  • 1. Choose a design & let me know what you want it to say. Note: there's only so much room on a matchbook, so the fewer the characters, the better.

    2. I'll make 'em ~ I will print your customized design on transluscent matte sticker matterial, spray with special fixative, cut them to size, affix to 96 matchbooks, & mail them your way. You can avoid the postage by picking them up in Brooklyn, NY 11237 or nearby (just ask)

    3. The fine print: There is fine print. . . . under each matchbook flap... "by @suzettesundae" or similar. If you would like this text removed, please add $20 to your order